Celebration of Life for Theresa Schmidt

The family wishes that you could be here with them today. In response to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, Victoria Greenlawn Funeral Home c/o Arbor Memorial Inc. has developed the ability to provide a live streaming service to our families. This is a basic live streaming service which allows family and friends not in attendance at the service to be able to view the services as they are happening. This is a complimentary service to allow you to share this time with people safely at home. We provide this service at no cost to our families and cannot guarantee the final outcome. • The live stream services are conducted by Funeral Home staff who are not professional videographers. • The live stream services are not performed with professional videography equipment. In most cases, it is an iPhone or iPad being used. • As with all technology, signals and networks can sometimes fail or cut in and out. • Live stream services are not recorded and edited. They are live and you can sometimes hear background conversations/noise, wind, etc.

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